About Us

What We do

FameMerch is an enterprise that produces merchandise for today’s hottest influencers, artists and public figures at no cost to the client by utilizing a pre-sales technique for sales. The FameMerch website holds a personalized spot for each client allowing a ten-fold traffic for your product. The FameMerch mission is dedicated towards supporting individual careers by further developing their brand with fan merchandise available for the public.


FameMerch has multiple resources for the different products desired by each client.

T-shirts and hoodies are made in the U.S. by a reputable and reliable warehouse who uses top quality materials for minimal color fade and resistance against shrinking during washes.

Custom designed leather and lightweight Jackets are designed by in-house designer in collaboration with client and  manufactured overseas. 


FameMerch clients consist of super producers, Comedians, Social Media influencers, Models, fitness inspirations and artists with millions of followers and subscribers.


All products from FameMerch are shipped out of California and each client receives a tracking number for their parcel.

Customer Service

FameMerch provides customers with quality customer service, via email or phone, for product questions, comments, concerns and any other needs that arise.

Quality customer service ensures for a higher percentages of repeat customers and positive reviews for your brand.